Why parents are greatly satisfied with their choice of Happy Snail as a provider of their baby’s first toys?

The modern approach to educating children assumes creating a diversification inducing and friendly playing environment around the newborn. With the purpose of taking into account all the important matters, parents are to know the specific features of an infant’s (from newborns up to the age of 12 months) development. The first few months is a period of the most intensive development of all the baby’s body organs and systems and the formation of the baby’s various knowledge and skills. Cognition starts with the perception of subjects and occurrences of the world around. All other forms of cognition — memorization, the creation of ideas and other mental activity — are built on the basis of perceived images, resulting in their realization, generalization and analysis.

A developing environment helps the baby to learn not just certain skills, but also influences harmonious development in general. Happy Snail toys do take into consideration the first months specific features, including those of a baby’s perception of sight and sound and neuro-and-nerve development. For example, the stimulation of a newborn’s sense of sight and sound are important from the very first days of life as they help with the maturing of the brain and with the coordination between the hands and eyes — and modern high-quality toys assist in that.

Speech, logical and analytical thinking, imagination, memory, creativity and artistic abilities will ensure a harmonious personality formation, as well as form the basis for the baby’s future success, all having their foundation in the first few months. Happy Snail offers an assortment of toys that will become parents' aides during the first years of the baby’s development in order to form more complicated knowledge and skills during the later years.

Happy Snail «ABC skills» is a navigator for parents, making it easier for them to choose the right toys for various purposes. Based on the baby’s age and functional features of a rattle or a pendant, it is possible to make an informed choice about a suitable toy for the baby at that exact stage of development.