100% Safety for your children

We know that nothing is more important than your baby’s health and safety. We are trying to assemble all parents fears and create high level safety toys, using superior materials with a special emphasis on safety. Our quality control team ensures that Happy Snail toys are safe for babies and meet all international safety standards. All of our toys go through rigorous testing procedures throughout the development process, starting at early conception stages, and repeatedly throughout the manufacturing process. Our production is at the highest level and adheres to all safety requirements and standards. We are firmly committed to ensuring that all of our products meet or surpass the highest safety requirements and standards within Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and Asia. All of our toys meet the compliance of the European Union (EN71) as well as the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Our products are:

Azo-dye free
WEEE compliant
RoHS compliant

During production and by certificated labs we control:

  • Tension
  • Drop
  • Compression
  • Tip Over
  • Small Part Cylinder
  • Sewing Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Migration of certain elements
  • Heavy metals detection
  • Toxicity free
  • etc

We are for quality and safety!