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Happy Snail — it’s so easy!

Happy Snail represents a new brand of educational toys for newborns and infants.

The masterminds of the project — experienced educators, psychologists, forwardness specialists — created the images of Happy Snail heroes and offered an assortment capable of meeting all the requirements for the harmonious development of the baby. The creators of these marvelous toys have brought to life the ideas and sketch designs of the expert French designers and the developing implementers of Silverlit company (Hong Kong).

Founded in 1977, Silverlit company is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing high-quality and high-technology toys. More than 5,000 employees work in 16 company offices all over the world and the company’s headquarters are located in Hong Kong.

In 2016 Silverlit company and the Ouaps brand of educational toys announced the entry of the Happy Snail trademark into the baby equipment sector and subsequently came out as a manufacturer of toys which entered the market in 2017.